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Omni Nearshore

Customer Service, Collections, Merchant Care and Back Office Support.  Over 60 Years in BPO Management and Service!



Why Omni Nearshore?

Omni Nearshore (ON) is a full-service BPO company located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. ON is “always ON” for you, our customers. We provide Customer Service, Collections, Merchant Care, and Back Office Support to our clients through strategic partnerships that value the relationship and partner-building interactions to solidify unique experiences tailored by client. ON’s Management Team has over 60 years in combined BPO management and service

Customer Service

ON provides highly qualified team members to enhance and expand your coverage to ensure that your customers are serviced at the highest level and experience the best interactions possible. We focus on providing solutions to your customers in one contact, whether that is Voice, Email, Text or Chat.


The customer experience related to Collections today is different than ever before. ON supports all channels to allow for a seamless voice, self-service, or digital interaction (Chat, Email, Text) payment plan negotiation. We help the customers find the best resolution possible to get them back on track.

Merchant Care

Do you have clients of your own? Do they need support and service that is excellent and precise? ON provides direct Merchant Care and servicing for over 2500 U.S.-based merchants daily.

Improve Efficiencies, Lower Costs

We offer a variety of high-quality services to our customers that help in keeping the costs low while providing the solutions you need exactly when you need them.

A Leader In Nearshore Outsourcing

When you’re ON, we’re ON. We take great pride in delivering unmatched benefit when you choose nearshore as your outsourcing option:

  • Operate on the same schedule – we work within your time zone 
  • More engagement – communication is more effective when cultural differences are minimized 
  • Top-tier talent – we hire and equip the best of the best to serve you 

Our Footprint

Stay ON whenever you need to be. Fully functional teams in place across all time zones to deliver solutions to our partners when they need them. Expertise, flexibility, and quality for any support needs.

Montego Bay - Jamaica

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